Puteri Wangsa rep calls for equal allocations for all assemblypersons

Puteri Wangsa assemblyperson Amira Aisya Abdul Aziz has called for the enactment of equal allocation for all Johor state representatives.

Speaking in the state assembly meeting yesterday, Amira (above) said this is part of her vision for reform and suggested that Johor poses as an example for other states by passing the enactment on equal allocation for all elected assemblypersons.

“We don’t have to wait every term to determine if there will be an allocation that will be given to the state assemblypersons in the opposition.

“I also believe that we do not need to wait for this law to be passed and gazetted at the federal level.

“Johor can, once again, show its people that all representatives in this House have chosen to put the people’s welfare before the agenda of political parties,” Amira added.

In Nov 2021, former state menteri besar Hasni Mohammad announced that all 56 Johor assemblypersons, including those from the opposition, would receive a fixed allocation of RM200,000 a year.

In BN’s state election manifesto in March last year, it pledged to continue giving all assemblypersons equal allocations regardless of their party.

Also, in a statement she issued yesterday, Amira proposed the broadcasting of the state assembly debates live.

Citing parliamentary debates that are live-streamed, she said the people are more aware of what goes on in the august House and this can be seen through social media discussions.

“Although this seems trivial, it has a great impact in bringing the people closer to their elected representatives, as well as showing the people the issues being debated,” she added.

Source: https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/659276

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